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CP FRP Bridge

Lightweight Fiberglass Bridge    more info

FEATURED COMPOSITE DESIGN PROJECT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  FEATURED COMPOSITE PRODUCT

e/XL Sailboat


We are here to support engineers/designers,  businesses, universities, design firms, manufacturers, contractors and most anyone in the composite field. We offer a Swiss army knife of features all in one site including the Composite Industry Directory.

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Key features of this site:


The Composite Industry Directory – Created Specifically for the Composites World!


Composite business or organization

Find a composite organization based on market, process, country, and much more.  Most noteworthy, we look at several composite industry criteria based on the information the organization provides.   This site services all markets from marine to industrial and beyond.  Composite Design World lists all composite shops whether a large ISO9001 plant or a small family owned fiberglass repair business.

Locate a Composite Manufacturer

Find a composite manufacturer near you or by country.  But you can also look at relevant manufacturing processes used and what they offer for composite products such as FRP, carbon fiber, aramids, etc.

Certificate Program Coming Soon!

CDW will be introducing a Composite Manufacturer Certificate Program.  This will go much deeper than simply manufacturing standards (like ISO or ABYC).  CDW will rate manufacturers for you based on quality of people, training and up-to-date processes.  Stay tuned for details.  We encourage schools and composite organizations to join us so we can all make the industry better.   Wish to be involved?  Send a note to

The initial role-out will be for the USA and Canada.  We then will take on other continents.  Stay tuned.  Want to get something going for your country?  Drop CDW a note.

Looking for a composite organization for a project, design or product?

You may search globally or just within a region for manufacturers, design firms, boat repair shops, etc.  Our upcoming Certification Program will help define the manufacturers and glass shops.

Composite Directory costs

Standard listing is free.  We will be offering an enhanced listing very soon which is fee based.  More on this coming!

Claiming a Composite Listing listed on this site

Owners/managers can claim the listing and then edit it.  Click on Business Owner? in the listing.


Composite Forums

Need help with your composite project?  Need help sourcing materials like resins or fabric?  Try the forums.

Composite Blogs

Do you wish to publish a document that could be a benefit to our composite design community?  We are looking for contributors.  We created a blog page just for this!  Send us a note at and we’ll review.

Products and Projects Showcase

We like innovative composite projects and products.  Submit your site or product and we will consider it.  Have an idea?  Send it along.

Composite News

Composite Design World is looking for contributors in this area.  We are looking for content that relates to composite design, projects or products that relate to our composite industry.  Have a Press Release for an innovative product or project?  Send it our way and we will share it with the composite industry globally.